Two news items: are they related?

Poll: Young people turn decisively against religion
Tuesday, 25 June 2013 9:26 AM By Ian Dunt at

Young people in Britain have turned against religion, with many considering it a source of evil, a new poll suggests.A YouGov poll for the Sun found intense hostility towards religion among 18-24 year olds and very low levels of belief in God.

Forty-one per cent of young people told pollsters ‘religion is more often the cause of evil in the world’ while only 14% said it was a cause for good. Asked which figures had influence in their lives, religious leaders came bottom, with only 12% saying they were influenced by them.
That was a lower figure even than for politicians, who scored 38%, brands, which scored 32% or celebrities, who scored 21%.

Twenty-five per cent of young people said they believed in God, 19% believed in a non-Godlike ‘spiritual greater power’ and 38% were atheists who didn’t believe in any greater spiritual power. Read more…

Church Could Take Control Of Secular Schools Under New Deal, Report Says
4 July 2013 PA/The Huffington Post UK

The Church of England could be given the power to run thousands of secular schools, the Times has reported, in a move that could “bring the education system under religious control” according to secular campaigners.

Read more…


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