Listen to Simon Nightingale on the radio

Simon has done another ‘Humanist thought for the day’ on Radio Shropshire. The link is:

Listen on the time line from 2.15.50 to 2.22

A step in the right direction: Shropshire humanist on the radio

On Sunday, August 1st, Simon Nightingale presented the first non-religious Thought for the Day on Radio Shropshire. You can listen again for a week on Radio Shropshire/Listen Again/Mike George, and go to 2.16 on the time line.

Humanist Thought for the Day on Radio Shropshire

After giving a Radio Shropshire interview about Assisted Dying (before he gave a presentation to our meeting on the subject), Simon Nightingale has been invited to contribute occasionally to Mike George’s Sunday morning programme. He discusses what is in the paper, giving, when appropriate, a humanist perspective.

The programmes are on the web for a week after they are delivered. To listen again to Simon’s two spots on Sunday 12th December, go to the link below.

The first contribution is from 0.47 – 0.52; the second from 1.48 – 1.54.

Simon will next be on Radio Shropshire on 21st March.

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