News for May

Chris Smith writes: Our May meeting was very well attended and Adrian Bailey’s talk about his experiences with Scientology was both interesting and rather scary.  He explained what he felt he had gained from the “counselling” and what he lost, in time for other things, and almost lost financially.
There were many questions on matters of fact – and even more as we considered whether Scientology was a cult, or religion, or pyramid selling or none of the above.
After further mulling I think it is a cult; in the UK it is sometimes treated as a religion and sometimes not.  For me the key is in the originator’s other career, as a science fiction writer.
Next meeting: The Lantern, 07-30 on Thursday 21June.  Visitors are always welcome.
David Brittain will tell us about current issues in the UK Armed Forces Humanist Association, UKAFHA.
I will miss David’s presentation as I will be in Uganda, travelling mostly with the Uganda Humanist Schools Trust.  Steve Hurd, chair of the Trust, is our November speaker.   Meanwhile if you are interested in knowing more, please get in touch.

News for April

Chris Smith writes: At our April meeting we first agreed the changes to the constitution, to fit with BHA’s partnership arrangements.
Then member Helen Taylor led us through the varying ideas of “Right to Object?  Conscientious objection and religious conviction” by the Humanist Philosophers’ Group.  It cannot have been easy to make the subject as clear, and even entertaining, as she did.  The questions for discussion were a tremendous success, with no shortage of contributions from those around the table.  Thanks were expressed to Helen for a very stimulating meeting.
Our next meeting, “Scientology, a Humanist Cult?” sounds… interesting… different…  We will have to wait and see. The May meeting is at The Lantern, at 07-30 on Thursday 17 May.  Visitors welcome.
Three of the group attended a “Train the Trainers” weekend, arranged by BHA at Conway Hall in London.  SHG was certainly well represented.  Apart from the considerable intrinsic value of the training, it was interesting to meet Humanists from around the country.  Twenty Humanists meant twenty-one opinions, but a great deal of unanimity as well.

Programme of meetings and socials for 2012

Meetings are on Thursdays at 7.30 pm at The Lantern, Meadow Farm Drive, Shrewsbury SY1 4NG. All are welcome.

Note that Shropshire has the Darwin Festival in February and members of Shropshire Humanist Group are attending events during that time (see the News pages).

15 March

“Christian Zionism”, a talk by Hilda Reilly.

19 April

“A right to object? Conscientious objection and religious conviction”. Helen Taylor will lead a discussion  on this recent publication from the Humanist Philosophers’ Group.

17 May

Scientology, a Humanist Cult? Birmingham Humanist group chair, Adrian Bailey, on his experience of Scientology.

21 June

A talk by David Brittain, UK Armed Forces Humanist Association Chaplain.


A weekend walk and pub lunch.

20 September

Simon Nightingale will tell us why he is happy.

18 October

AGM followed by a led discussion “Torture for Humanists”.

15 November

Steve Hurd, chair of the Uganda Humanist Schools’ Trust, will give us the latest news from Uganda.


A festive meal.

If you have any suggestions for next year’s programme Chris Smith will be very pleased to receive them.
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