Humanist Celebrants in Shropshire

2014-02-20_113030We humans have a need for some ritual and ceremony to mark important stages in our lives, and for thirty years or so, humanist celebrants have been helping families whose lives don’t involve religion to organise funerals, baby-naming, partnership and wedding ceremonies which are meaningful to them.

Celebrants who have trained with the British Humanist Association, and are accredited by them, follow established guidelines and work to an agreed standard. They always visit their clients and together with them create a ceremony which is personal, dignified and relevant to them.

We now have a list of celebrants in Shropshire.

If you live outside Shropshire, you can find a local celebrant through the British Humanist Association. The BHA publishes three booklets which are helpful for those thinking about a non-religious ceremony: Funerals Without God, Sharing the Future and New Arrivals. They all contain suggestions for wording and whole ceremonies to give you some ideas and can be obtained from the BHA website or by telephoning 020 7324 3069.

Humanist books for children

From Tricia Budd:

I’m a member of the North Staffordshire/South Cheshire Humanist group.

I have written three books for children, that could also be read with parents or teachers, to give a humanist perspective on three main events in our lives – a  baby naming, a wedding and a funeral. They are centred around a girl called Rosie and her family and friends.

The books show from a young person’s perspective how these events in life do not need a religious element to have value and meaning. I wrote the stories as an alternative to the many religious children’s books dealing with these events.

The books are available from the BHA (and are shown on their website) or at Oakes Bank Publishing.

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