Information from Prof. Ralph Early’s talk on Feeding Britain

Professor Early’s talk (20 April) was full of thought-provoking ideas about the problems of food supply in the the UK and the consequences for the nutrition of our population. Many in the audience wanted to follow up some of the topics, so Professor Early has kindly supplied his slides in PDF format, with references, and you can download them from the links below (three separate files).

SHG_Food Talk_01_220417

SHG_Food Talk_02_220417

SHG_Food Talk_03_220417



April 20 meeting: Feeding Britain – issues, challenges and ethical dimensions, by Prof Ralph Early, Harper Adams University

Thursday 20 April at 7.30pm in University Centre Shrewsbury

Professor Ralph Early, Professor of Food Industry and Head of Department of Food Science and Agri-Food Supply Chain Management at Harper Adams University, and a member of Shropshire Humanist Group.

Britain is not food secure and since WWII successive governments have done little to deal with the problem. While the country’s self-sufficiency has fallen from over 80% some 60 years ago to approaching 50% today the nation’s waistline has increased and so has the burden of food related poor health on our medical system. This is bad news for the country, but good news for the corporations that profit from selling unhealthy food and treating symptoms of diet related disease. So what can be done to solve the problems? Ideas will be floated and the audience will be invited to suggest solutions.

Please note: The time of this may appear incorrectly on the Upcoming Events. This is caused by time changes between Google and the UK. The correct time is 7.30 pm BST.

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