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The Use and Abuse of the Bible: talk in Church Stretton, Tuesday 5 February

Readers may be interested in the following talk organised by a group called Engaging Issues:

The Use and Abuse of the Bible:  a talk by  Trevor Dennis, who is described as  “a wonderful storyteller who  enthrals and leaves you wanting more”.

Tuesday 5th February 2013, 7.30 p.m. at United Reformed Church,  High Street, Church Stretton.

Trevor Dennis taught biblical studies for many years at Salisbury and Wells Theological College, before joining the staff of Chester Cathedral in 1994. There he had responsibility for the education work of the Cathedral, and retained a keen interest in teaching and writing about the Bible, as well as preaching on it. He retired from his post of Vice Dean of the Cathedral in 2010, but continues to go all over the country, speaking at conferences, leading retreats, etc. He is the author of many books, including a children’s Bible and six books on Old Testament and New Testament narratives.

Trevor writes: ‘ Did you know about Gregory of Nyssa’s passionate, biblically-based attack on slavery in the fourth century?  Bet you didn’t!  You might just know about ‘the curse of Ham’, a passage in Genesis which was used for centuries to justify slavery.  This is where we will begin, and we will move on to other case studies, such as the position of women in the Church, and homosexuality.  We will also consider the principles we might follow to establish an intelligent, sensitive and compassionate use of the Bible’.

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