Brief report on the ‘Does God Exist?’ debate in Oswestry, 9 March

It’s expected the video will later be available on DVD and possibly YouTube.

Chris Smith writes:

Starting the debate Richard Lucas gave his five reasons for the existence of god, which he described as being from science and philosophy. Andrew Copson (Chief Executive of the British Humanist Association) gave reasons to support his understanding that god (gods, goddesses etc.) was a human construct before addressing the five points. Andrew entertained as he explained, dung beetles and rainbows, lots of quotes from ancient and modern times. Richard quoted too, some scientists who had found that their researches lead them to the inevitable conclusion “that god must exist”.

Questions from the floor followed. The first question was from someone carrying a copy of New Scientist, who challenged what Richard had said. More questions were addressed to Richard than Andrew.

There was not to be a vote and with the usual thanks all round people were free to continue their conversations, look at the book table and so on.

The debate was recorded and we can have a copy of the DVD in time. It will be interesting to hear what others who were there thought.