The Final Countdown – 2 Weeks To Go

Two weeks to go until construction starts on the Humanist Show Garden at the Shrewsbury Flower Show.

Fence finally finished!!!

It’s been a tough week but I feel I’ve made good progress. The hard landscaping is the most difficult element of the garden for me. I love the research, designing, artwork, growing and nurturing plants and bringing everything together to create the final garden. However, I find the structural elements rather more challenging. And so, it is not without a little bit of smugness and self satisfaction, that I can say “I did it!”  I have constructed the fence/screening for the garden.



This week I have also hired a Man with Van to transport everything to site and help set up on Monday 7th August.

Tuesday 8th August is sandpit day. If anyone would like to turn up with a rake for some gentle exercise they would receive a very warm welcome – and be rewarded with tea and cake!

This weeks activities include, finishing the decking, creating fabric panels for the screening, writing a brief for the judges and trying to keep the plants alive and healthy looking!

Whether you’re at work or play, enjoy the week ahead.


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