19 January meeting: Hot Potatoes (open mike) session

Hot-PotatoThursday 19th January 2017 at 7.30pm in University Centre Shrewsbury,

This year we are having a January meeting. We are having a “hot potato” (open mike) session in which anyone can speak for 5 minutes (absolute maximum 10 minutes) on a topic of their own choice that is in some way related to humanism.

The idea is that you talk about something that interests you and then you interest us!  You can use PowerPoint if you wish, but that is not essential.

Some possible topics, both personal accounts or objective reviews, might include: Why I became a humanist; What I like/don’t like about humanism; Why do good people do bad things?; Should humanism be political?; Ethical issues such as assisted dying, abortion, drug use, embryo research, genetic engineering; Human rights; Immigration, asylum and refugees; Sexuality; Faith schools; Humanist celebrants; Humanist chaplains; Should humanists do more “charitable work”; Environmental issues; Do humanists ignore the welfare of animals?; The concept of a “just war”; The paranormal – are we too sceptical?; Inequality, poverty etc – what do we can do about it?; Discrimination and prejudice; A humanist view on death and dying; Should humanists pray (in the sense of critical reflection)?; What do we mean by secular spirituality?

Please email the chairman with the title of your planned talk to prevent duplication. However if you prefer, you can just turn up on the day and tell us then.


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