Ludlow and Marches Humanists: programme 2016-17

ludlowMeetings will continue to be held at 7:30 p.m. in the Friends’ Meeting House (St Mary’s Lane, Ludlow) on the third Tuesday of the month, unless otherwise indicated.

For more details, contact rocheforts [at]

18 October – ‘Tales of Shropshire’ – a talk by local historian Keith Pybus on interesting local characters (Thomas Andrew Knight and Humfrey Conyngsby) and wider links to World history and science.

13 November – Remembrance Sunday. We shall again be presenting a small wreath at the Peace Memorial in Ludlow at 11 a.m. This will be in memory of all who have perished in conflicts during and since the First World War, no matter for which country, creed or religion.

15 November – ‘Religious Education – an update’ – A talk by Andrew Copson, Chief Executive of the BHA. We’re very pleased to have Andrew come and talk to us, and will be extending an invitation to local Humanist Groups – hopefully, we should get a big turnout for this. Andrew should be updating us on the implications and reaction to recent moves announced by Teresa May to allow 100% religious selection at faith schools.


8 January – Winter Social – Plan is to meet for lunch in the Unicorn, Corve Street, Ludlow at 1:00 p.m. [Provisional]

21 February – ‘Ludlow’s Workhouse’ – an exploration of its history and consequences, by John Nash.

21 March – ‘History of Architecture from the religious to secular’ by Frank Ryding. [Provisional]

18 April – ‘Defend our NHS campaign’ Gill George will be discussing this from the current Shropshire perspective.

16 May – Annual General Meeting. The usual formalities, plus an appropriate video and refreshments & cakes.


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