Simon Nightingale: Radio Shropshire talk on innate morality

Simon_NightingaleSimon Nightingale writes: My humanist “Pause for Thought” homily on Radio Shropshire this morning was on innate morality, which leads into a discussion on liberal and conservative (philosophical, not political) differences. This is described better and at length by John Haidt in his TED lecture:

In the USA the liberal/conservative divide is greater than in Europe and, of course, both Democrats and Republicans are well to the right of mainstream European parties.

My final implicit message today was to discourage listeners from voting for extreme parties, but instead to concentrate on the shared moral basis of society. Then later this morning, I walked with others around parts of Shrewsbury, delivering a newsletter from the “HOPE NOT HATE” organisation. More about that at

If you wish to hear my “Pause for Thought”, go to and listen on the time line between 1:18.00 and 1.23.00. It is only available for the next week.



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