Ludlow and Marches Humanists: change to programme

ludlowThe Ludlow and Marches Humanists have announced a change to their programme. The February talk on Alfred Russel Wallace has been postponed to March, and they are therefore bringing forward the March discussion.

The first meeting is on Tuesday 18 February, 7.30pm, at The Friends Meeting House, St Mary’s Lane, Ludlow SY8 1DZ. The topic is ‘Humanist Hot Potatoes’ – what topic really gets you exercised? Bring it to the meeting and see what others think. For more information email: rocheforts [at] All are welcome.

The 18 March meeting is a a talk on The Forgotten Evolutionist, by Fred Langford Edwards. He received a grant from the Wellcome Trust in 2007 for a 30 month project to research and promote the contributions of Wallace. This project included travel to the Malay Archipelago with collaborator George Beccaloni. Fred is an independent artist with a good scientific understanding based in Llandudno, North Wales.

The future programme of the Ludlow and Marches Humanists is currently:

15 April – ‘Choosing the Buddhist Path – meditation in the Marches’ talk by Elizabeth Sommerville, from The Samatha Meditation Centre.
20 May – Annual General Meeting. Appropriate video and cake on offer.
June: Summer Social


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