North West Humanists Conference, 11-13 October 2013

We have received information about this conference in Manchester in October. For full information, including the programme,  please see the NW Humanists web site,

NWhumanists: united on purpose

‘What the world most needs at this moment is a means of convincing human beings to embrace the whole of the species as their moral community. For this we need to develop an utterly non-sectarian way of talking about the full spectrum of human experience and human aspiration. We need a discourse on ethics and spirituality that is every bit as unconstrained by dogma and cultural prejudice as the discourse of science is’  Sam Harris

Announcing our third regional conference (Organised by Lancashire Secular Humanists and Greater Manchester Humanists):

Humanism in Action : Friday 11th – Sunday 13th October 2013 at The St Thomas Centre, Ardwick Green North
A few minutes walk south from Manchester Piccadilly station – free on-street parking nearby. There is disabled access throughout the venue and a loop system in the main hall
(The Friday evening film show will be held at the Britons Protection, near the Bridgewater Hall).

Conference Objectives:
• To enrich the knowledge and commitment of new and existing members
• To help participants move forward in living their lives as Humanists
• To enthuse participants with the message that we have something really worthwhile to offer


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