Report on the BHA conference

Chris Smith writes: I enjoyed the Friday night entertainment, especially Robin Ince.  The BHA choir had a more lively repertoire than when I heard them last.  The speakers who followed on Saturday and Sunday morning , with one exception, were interesting and I enjoyed the ones on science and sex most.
The most memorable part of the conference was at the Gala Dinner.  Terry Pratchett was unable to be present to accept his award for his contribution to Humanism, due to his poor health, but he had been able to record a video greeting and Andrew Copson read a longer message.
At the end there was a collection made for the Uganda Humanist Schools Trust, to be matched by the lady who suggested it.  Very positive.
I have already pre-registered for the World Humanist Congress, August 2014 in Oxford.
What surprised me?  The age range was far greater than any previous conference, BHA has started to attract Young People!  A significant proportion of all ages were attending their first BHA conference.
It was an encouraging event.
Richard Burnham adds: Chris mentioned Terry Pratchett, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to note the death of Iain Banks the novelist, also known as Iain M. Banks for  his science fiction, who was a distinguished humanist. Many other distinguished people are humanists, and some of them are listed here and here.

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  1. Chris Street Says:

    I enjoyed the ‘El Presidente’ quip of Adam Rutherford re: Jim Al-Khalili.


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