Andy Lewis: Tory free schools plot to spin away the racism of Steiner schools

Rudolf Steiner’s depiction of the different intellectual characteristics of the races

Government denials of problems look misleading.

Last year, I wrote to my local MP, Lib Dem Tessa Munt, to raise concerns that the nearby opening of a state funded Steiner School raised a number of issues. Most importantly, that Steiner Schools are not open about the religious and occult nature of their philosophy and that this philosophy is based on an abhorrent racist view of human spirituality. Furthermore, children are likely to be exposed to pseudoscience, hidden spiritual agendas and nonsensical teaching philosophies.

Tessa Munt consulted with Education Minister, Lord Hill of Oareford, who today was promoted to Leader of the House of Lords, and wrote to me to say that “he would not have approved any school that raised concerns of the nature” I raised.  In short, what I was saying was untrue.

It has now come to my attention that Tory party strategists close to the Department of Education were well aware of the problematic nature of Steiner philosophies and discussed with the Steiner Waldorf Schools Federation ways of using PR to head off anticipated criticisms of new publicly funded Steiner Schools. It would appear that either Lord Hill, a former employee of Bell Pontinger,had been kept in the dark about these concerns and PR tactics or had misled my MP.

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Book review: Edward Falzon’s ‘Being Gay is Disgusting, or God Likes the Smell of Burning Fat’

Helen Taylor writes:

I have just finished reading this book with great glee.

Recently I spent a fair amount of time ploughing my way through the first five books of the Bible. This was not an enjoyable task, particularly in light of the many times it was necessary to stop and pick up my jaw from the ground.

Edward Falzon has now paraphrased these five books for us in modern idiom, and it is almost impossible to put down.

He has replaced archaic language with more modern forms. For instance, ‘abomination’ becomes ‘disgusting’ (hence the title) and a ‘beautiful woman’ becomes a ‘hottie’. Despite this, the stories and the gist remain the same, merely being exposed as farcical and hilarious, as well as gory and immensely cruel.

I especially loved Falzon’s plans which he has drawn to illustrate biblical instructions for various constructions, and the perfection of the footnotes on nearly every page.

The real joy lies in the fact that (apart from the footnotes) this book is not offering opinion or argument. It is just telling the Bible like it is. This book could be presented to any believer (many of whom have not read any other version in its entirety) and no objection at all could be made to the content. Cross-references are given to more traditional versions of the Bible in case anyone cannot believe what they are reading. The tone, however, with Falzon’s clever asides will I am sure raise temperatures and tempers significantly.

Having laughed my way through this book, Falzon’s afterword comes like a bucket of cold water, when he reminds us that these five books shape the faith and lives of so many people today.

How wonderful if all followers of Christianity and Judaism were to read Falzon’s book, or even a more conventional translation, and to discover exactly what it is they believe.


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