News for May

Chris Smith writes: Our May meeting was very well attended and Adrian Bailey’s talk about his experiences with Scientology was both interesting and rather scary.  He explained what he felt he had gained from the “counselling” and what he lost, in time for other things, and almost lost financially.
There were many questions on matters of fact – and even more as we considered whether Scientology was a cult, or religion, or pyramid selling or none of the above.
After further mulling I think it is a cult; in the UK it is sometimes treated as a religion and sometimes not.  For me the key is in the originator’s other career, as a science fiction writer.
Next meeting: The Lantern, 07-30 on Thursday 21June.  Visitors are always welcome.
David Brittain will tell us about current issues in the UK Armed Forces Humanist Association, UKAFHA.
I will miss David’s presentation as I will be in Uganda, travelling mostly with the Uganda Humanist Schools Trust.  Steve Hurd, chair of the Trust, is our November speaker.   Meanwhile if you are interested in knowing more, please get in touch.

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