Latest links, including Simon on radio

Our very own radio star, Simon Nightingale, has been on BBC Shropshire again. “As I think you know I do a regular 3 monthly ‘Pause for Thought’ slot (a rather rural version of Thought for the day) on Shropshire Radio’s Sunday morning religious affairs program. I did one on Sunday 15th and it is possible to listen to it again, but only for up to one week.”

Here is the link:
On the time-line listen from about 2.16 to 2.23.

Richard Dawkins and Rowan Williams:

Chris Smith writes:I didn’t watch the debate but listened to it while cooking my supper and think I enjoyed it.  I certainly enjoyed every word of The God Delusion, an unstoppable rant.  Others criticise it for the same reason.  Richard D is obviously cleverer than a lot of the people round him and his  impatience  does come over.  And being faced by highly selective quotes and insubstantial stuff must be very irritating.  The audience seemed biased towards the RC at first but overall they were perhaps just cheering anything slightly controversial.

From John Edwards of Birmingham Humanists: “If you have a spare hour and wish to hear Dawkins tangle with the Catholic Bishop of Sydney you could do worse than click on the link below.I discovered that animals have souls too and that atheists can go to heaven!”

An invitation from GlobalNet21 to an event “Religion and the Failure of Politics” in London early evening 17 May.  It seems to be an open meeting.  It clashes with our May meeting.

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