Shropshire Humanist Group – March news

Chris Smith writes: In February eleven of us had lunch followed by the excellent Darwin Memorial Lecture at the Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury. This will become a permanent feature on the programme.

On 15 March we started our 2012 programme proper, with a talk by Hilda Reilly on Christian Zionism. Hilda took members and visitors from its beginnings in the 19th century, to present day politicians in the United States. There was a lot to take in, and there is no doubt that this is an important movement, full of contradictions and unlikely alliances. We had many questions and went away stimulated by what Hilda told us.

Her book, “Prickly Pears of Palestine” was available for those wanting more understanding of the complex situation in Palestine. See her website It was certainly a great way to start the year’s programmes!

Meanwhile, the committee has been looking at the constitution. This needed some rewording following the group’s decision to become a Partner of the British Humanist Association. BHA is formalising its relationship with the many and various Humanist groups and Partnership offers a stronger relationship, with more support, than our existing affiliation. At the same time we need to show BHA that we are satisfying certain (not onerous) conditions. That is why we are asking whether members are also in the BHA. We have also tightened some of the wording to reflect the Group as it is now. If the constitution is approved by members present at the April meeting we will be well placed to be one of the first groups to become a Partner in June of this year.

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