March meeting

Meetings are on Thursdays at 7.30 pm at The Lantern, Meadow Farm Drive, Shrewsbury SY1 4NG. All are welcome.

15 March

“Christian Zionism”, a talk by Hilda Reilly.

Hilda Reilly is originally from Scotland and now lives in Liverpool, England, after spending most of her adult life abroad. She has worked as a freelance journalist in the Far East, mainly in Vietnam, and is the author of two travel books – Prickly Pears of Palestine: The People Behind the Politics and Seeking Sanctuary: Journeys to Sudan. She has an MSc in Consciousness Studies, for which she specialised in the neuroscience of religious experience. She also has an MA in Creative writing and is currently writing a novel, using narrative to explore the medical concept of hysteria. She is a member of the Scientific and Medical Network.


Seeking Sanctuary

Seeking Sanctuary tells the stories of a group of Western Muslim converts who found liberation in Sudan. They describe their spiritual and physical journeys from one way of life to another. But most of all, they provide us with insights that challenge lazy prejudice about Islam, by providing a striking counterpoint to fears about fundamentalism, extremism, and religious hostility. It is a stunning collection of intimate portraits and a wonderful series of human stories about adversity, courage, and life change.

 Pickly Pears of Palestine

The Palestinian Israeli conflict is one of the most widely reported and long standing struggles in the world yet misunderstanding is rife about the most basic issues for many. Hilda Reilly goes to live among many “ordinary” people, living under extraordinary circumstances. She brings us an insight to the people behind the politics.


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