Conspiracy theories day conference

10.30 – 16:10, Sunday 25 September 2011

Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL

 The British Humanist Association (BHA), Centre for Inquiry UK (CFI UK), and South Place Ethical Society (SPES) are pleased to announce a full day conference focusing on conspiracy theories. The first of its kind for the CFI UK, this event will explore why people are drawn to conspiracy theories, what the warning signs of a dodgy conspiracy theory are, and which conspiracy theories are actually credible. Get your tickets today!

Tickets: £10 general public, £8 BHA and SPEC members, and students

Free to members of the CfI UK (please register at the BHA website)


David Aaronovitch, author, broadcaster, and journalist;

Jamie Bartlett, Head of the Violence and Extremism Programme at the think tank Demos;

Robert Brotherton, member of the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unitat Goldsmiths, University of London;

Karen Douglas, Fellow of the Society of Experimental Social Psychology;

Chris French Head of the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit Goldsmiths, University of London;

Carl Miller, Associate at Demos and a researcher at King’s College London.


10.30 Registration

10.45-11.55 Chris French and Robert Brotherton
“Conspiracy Minded: The Psychology of Belief in Conspiracy Theories”

12.00-13.10 Karen Douglas                    
A Social Psychological Perspective On Conspiracy Theories”

14.00-15.10 David Aaronovitch
“Do Conspiracy Theories Have Common Characteristics Over Time And Space?”

15.10-16.10 Jamie Bartlett and Carl Miller
“Truth And The Net”

16.10 End

Full details and programme


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