Simon on Pause for Thought radio slot

Simon was on Pause for Thought on Radio Shropshire again. You can here it online until the programme changes on Sunday 8 May:

Listen from 2′ 16.45″ to 2′ 23″ on the timeline.

Simon writes:

I expect that some of my humanist colleagues may feel that my Pause for Thought is somewhat anodyne and would prefer a more direct attack on religion or an overt promotion of humanism, but I am strictly forbidden to promote humanism or atheism or to say anything that might upset anyone at all! My “thoughts” must be directed to any and all, regardless of faith or lack of it. The programme producer is very clear about what she wants for each Pause for Thought. It must start with something personal to me. I then develop that theme, add some quotation and then end with a “call to action” – often a prayer when others do it. Within those limits I have tried to present a calm, rational and thoughtful approach and to explain a bit about humanism in a non-confrontational way.

In contrast to my talks to philosophy or religious groups when I do not pull any punches, in this program I have to tread carefully as I am the first non-religious speaker they have used and the producer is fearful of a backlash that might prevent any more. So far, I have done 3 programmes without drawing a lot of flack. I might say that both the producer and the presenter seem quite sympathetic to humanism – so I hope to keep going a bit longer. The next is in August.

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