Walking the Ancestor’s Trail

My name is Chris Jenord. I am a Somerset humanist who has been working with Bob Churchill at the London headquarters of the British Humanist Association to establish an event we hope will interest you. The project, named after Richard Dawkins’ book  The Ancestor’s Tale, combines long distance walking, biodiversity, evolution and Humanism. It represents, as far as we know, the very first biological pilgrimage (http://ancestorstrail.net/) and involves a group of atheists/ scientists/ environmentalists/ artists /philosophers working together to develop an annual celebration of our shared origins through evolution.

How does it work? Simultaneously a number of disparately located walking groups will begin trails that eventually coalesce, depicting the story of evolution in reverse. The number of walkers following the trail will gradually swell as tributary groups, representing the various branches the tree of life, merge with the main body of walkers. Eventually, the ever-increasing band of ‘pilgrims’ will arrive together at a fossil strewn beach, where we will celebrate life’s 3.7 billionth birthday with a small science festival.

We were thrilled to hear that the Canadian Halton-Peel Humanists near Toronto are currently planning their own version and I am currently trying to invite as wide an atheist community as possible to this year’s UK event. Consequently, we would be thrilled to welcome any Shropshire humanists to Somerset to take part in our second Ancestor’s Trail on the 29th/30th of May 2011.

I’d appreciate it greatly if you could complete the survey to help in our 2011 trail planning for Sunday 29th May. Doesn’t take long.

Chris Jenord


4 Responses to “Walking the Ancestor’s Trail”

  1. shgadmin Says:

    The Ancestor’s trail website was operating on 25 January – perhaps they have sorted out the technical problems.


  2. Andree Says:

    My husband and I are planning a trip to Great Britain in May and are very much interested in registering for the 2011 Ancestor’s trail walk. However we have so far been unable to access ancestorstrail.net. (The website page reports exceeded bandwidth limit). Do you have any suggestions? Phone number of contact we could call?


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