Ride for Palestine

Ride for Palestine

SHG recently received the following message:

Dear Friends,
Thank you for opening this email which is being sent to Humanist groups.
As you know, Israeli and Israeli settlement produce is on sale in our supermarkets. Every box of dates we buy funds even more settlement growth and secures still further the domination of the Zionists of the territory from the Mediterranean to the River Jordan. In 1972 the settler population was 11,000, now it is over half a million and increasing at 6% p.a. This is in nobody’s interests.
The Ride for Palestine is an initiative by a group of vintage bikers aimed at providing a vehicle for people to email their decision to boycott settlement products (or indeed Israeli products in general) to the major supermarkets. The process takes about 3 minutes at:
As at today, Monday 13 December, the initiative has sent 3,192 boycott emails to the supermarkets and has attracted the support of diverse groups including parliamentarians, religious figures and academics including those listed below.
We also intend to promote Palestinian produce with a vintage courier ride round the UK commencing on Saturday 6th August in Southport.

Members of Parliaments

Linda McAvan MEP, Labour
Michael Cashman MEP, Labour
Chris Davies, MEP, Liberal Democrat
Jill Evans, MEP Plaid Cymru
Caroline Lucas MP, Green Party
Liz Lynne, MEP, Liberal Democrat
Stephen Hughes MEP, Labour
David Martin MEP, Labour
Arlene McCarthy MEP, Labour .
Pauline McNeill MSP, Labour
Alyn Smith, MEP Scottish National Party
Elaine Smith MSP, Labour
Catherine Stihler MEP, Labour
Brian Simpson MEP, Labour
Derek Vaughan MEP, Labour
Graham Watson MEP, Liberal Democrat
Glenis Willmott MEP, Leader Labour Party

Preachers & Ministers of Religion

Revd Alan Ashton
Revd Warren Bardsley
Revd H.P. Barkham
Revd Fiona de Boltz
Revd Tony de Boltz
Revd Dr Mike Bossingham
Revd Marie Dove
Revd Enid Gordon
Revd Mark Harwood
Revd Dr Stuart Jenkins
Dr. Stephen Leah
Revd Andrew Lunn

Mr Norman Lyon
Revd Gillian Maude
Revd David Musgrove
Revd Tom Patton
Revd Nicholas Postlethwaite
Revd Ann Shukman
Revd Colin Smith (Buxton)
Revd Jeremy Tear
Revd David Tomlin
Revd Andrew Webb


Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Friends of Lebanon

Jews for Justice for Palestinians

Labour Friends of Palestine

Liberal Democrat Friends of Palestine

Academics Including
Professor Mona Baker (University of Manchester)
Professor W. Deckers (University of Richmond)
Professor Peter Hallward (University of Middlesex)

Could you possibly visit the above site and follow the links and email the supermarkets? If you could circulate the email or link that would be very useful, a link from your site or a Facebook page would be close to ideal.

Thank you for your kind attention.
Bruce Burgess.
(Southport and Formby Friends of Palestine)


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