The Copenhagen Declaration on religion in public life

A message from Stinus Lindgreen, President of the Danish Atheist Society:

At the international atheist conference “Gods & Politics” that took place in Copenhagen in June 2010, one of the results was the formulation of the “Copenhagen Declaration on Religion in Public Life”. The goal was to formulate a number of statements that reinforce the positive values of atheism and secularism and which can be used to show other people what we want to accomplish. The declaration was adopted by the approximately 300 participants at the conference.

The Copenhagen declaration formulates a number of principles such as equal treatment of all life stances, the right to freedom of expression, and rejection of discrimination. The Copenhagen declaration can now finally be found on the website

We would like as many organizations as possible to show their support. If your group supports the declaration, we will list you on the homepage.

Please note that this is not a dogmatic program but an invitation to debate. Some groups have already made amendments to the declaration, but so far no one has opposed the general idea of the document.

A Facebook group called “Support the Copenhagen Declaration” has also been initiated. This is an opportunity to personally support and inform about the Copenhagen declaration.

We hope that you will join us in working for a more secular global community.

Comments here or to Sue Falder.


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