Sunrise conference – groups, leadership and activism for humanists, and humanist chaplains

Sunrise logoThe Sunrise Conference focuses on skills, leadership and activism for humanist groups, bringing together leaders from across the country to share knowledge and experience.

The conference is taking place 4-5 September at the University of Leeds. More information can be found on the conference website at including a list of the guest speakers already confirmed.

There will be training for humanists interested in volunteering as humanist chaplains. This entails providing pastoral support to non-believers in institutions such as universities, hospitals and prisons. Full training will be provided at the conference and on going support will be provided via the support network launching in September.

Please also visit the Chris Worfolk Foundation at

One Response to “Sunrise conference – groups, leadership and activism for humanists, and humanist chaplains”

  1. Sue Falder Says:

    I only know about this organisation via the internet, and think in fact it’s just trying to get off the ground nationally. Unfortunately I can’t support them on this weekend, but I really hope it’s successful.

    What I think this country needs for progress on the secular front is a united body, that can speak for all the various shades of opinion that at the moment negotiate separately. And also we need humanist chaplains in old people’s homes, prisons, hospitals, and community involvement. Otherwise, how do we demonstrate our supposed ethical stance re community.

    It seems to me that this organisation is making a start in this direction, and I applaud it.


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