Open thread

On the canal boat last Sunday, some members discussed the possibility of an online forum to hold discussions on topics of interest to local humanists.

We are looking into setting up a dedicated discussion forum, but don’t forget that you can comment on articles published on this blog.

As an experiment, here is an open thread where anyone can post a comment, or a comment on a comment, on any subject of interest to humanists. Posts are particularly welcome on anything specially relevant to Shropshire (for example, education, local government, or the activities of religious groups).

If you have an article you’d like to post in the blog, please send it to Sue Falder at our email address. Contributions are very welcome.

Please note: posting is not moderated, but comments will be deleted if they contain personal attacks, offensive language, commercial promotions or any sort of spam. The decision of SHG admin is final (there are always other places where you can post anything unsuitable for this blog). The thread may be closed or removed if it is abused.


One Response to “Open thread”

  1. eveningperson Says:

    British Religion in Numbers has an interesting visualisation (based on the 2008 British Social Attitudes survey) of how people in Britain change religion from the one they are (as they say) “born with”. Note the high proportion changing to ‘No religion’.


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